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Greece, Athens: General strike 07.11.2012 - riots (photos)

. | 08.11.2012 16:36 | Repression | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Greece, Athens: General strike 07.11.2012 - riots (photos)

Greece, Athens: General strike 07.11.2012 - riots (photos)



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Rebels or CIA stooges?

08.11.2012 18:47

Those people are not true rebels they are CIA stooges who are carrying out a planned organised by the CIA to overthrow the government of Greece. People need to wake up! Stop supporting the insurgents they do not represent the vast majority of the Greek people, most of the Greek people support their government. Tell the USA to keep its nose out of Greece!

Defend Greece from American interference

Holy shit

08.11.2012 22:03

That's amazing



09.11.2012 11:29

second that.



09.11.2012 12:09



that reminds me...

09.11.2012 13:50

i need to collect my paycheck this week!

cia anarchist...


09.11.2012 18:22

Um, why would the CIA want to undermine the government of Greece by paying people to riot?

Seems to me the government of Greece might be doing a good job of collapsing all by itself?


Excess contribution from the security services

09.11.2012 19:25

Which of the stooges in the security services has been over working (indulging) to come up with this contribution? Did make me laugh. But bit of an insult to all the comrades involved in the struggle in Greece though. Looking forward to when the flames make it to the MI5 building and Scotland Yard.


@ whoever you are

10.11.2012 22:37

let me just say that there has been an active and healthy anarchist scene in Greece for years and a healthy and active tradition of rebellion from various 'sides' (commies, anarcho's, anarcho-commies), etc, for years upon years. the history of anarchist rebellion (not to assume that those pictured are anarcho, but id like to think they are as that is my affinity!) goes back over a hundred years and more.

oh, but i guess you think the CIA paid the fascist police to shoot a boy which started some of the most intense rebellion in recent years. i guess that fascist cop was also on the false flag pay roll eh?

get real. the social war is real and happening on the streets of Greece, has been for years and long may it continue as long as that is what the brothers and sisters involved want to do with their time and energy.

and actually the world order would want to keep Greece stable as it is an 'important, strategic zone' in that part of the world, with it being close to 'axis of terror' countries in the middle east. destabilising Greece would not serve america's policy. if you disagree, please present an argument that may dissuade me from my views.
present what you believe to be the truth, dont just shout 'false flag'..


NATO regime troll infighting on indymedia

12.11.2012 20:36

They must feel quite guilty about what they did to Greece since the Germans left, otherwise they would not indulge in such pathetic theatrics.

Internationalist Observer