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Royal hunt filmed chasing a fox

Hunt Sabs | 06.11.2012 13:11 | Animal Liberation

Hunt Saboteurs Association Press Release - 4th November 2012 - Prestigious Beaufort Hunt Filmed Chasing a Fox

Hunt saboteurs fimed the Beaufort hunt illegally hunting a fox during their opening meet of the hunting season at Worcester Lodge on the Badminton Estate, Gloucestershire on Saturday.

The small group of saboteurs kept a low profile throughout the day's hunt until near the end of the day they saw the hounds in full cry, hunting a fox, near Sopworth village. They attempted to call the hounds away from the fox and made it clear to the hunt that they had footage of the illegal hunting. The fox ran through the car supporters and along the road to safety. The pack picked up the scent of another fox which they hunted through an old tin shed in thick undergrowth and on through the village.

Lee Moon, spokesperson for the Hunt Saboteurs Association, stated: “If the Beaufort hunt were following a trail, as they claimed, then how and why did they lay it through thick undergrowth, underneath an old shed and then through a residential area? We are certain that 2 foxes were being chased and it was only the intervention of our members which helped them escape. The reality of a day out with the Beaufort is very different from that portrayed on the Daily Mail's website.”

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