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Spain: CNT general strike in Barcelona - photos

A | 02.11.2012 14:15 | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements

Spain: CNT general strike in Barcelona - photos

Back in September, CGT announced a general strike for October 31 around the whole Spanish state. Weeks later, yellow unions CCOO and UGT called for another one on November 14 and CGT decided to move its strike to the same day as the main unions. Nonetheless, CGT kept the strike in Barcelona for October 31 (labelling it as “Day of struggle”), where local CNT had also called for a general strike. The impact has been minimum, as expected, but sectors such as metro, taxis or post offices have recorded high numbers of strikers.

Several pickets had been organised during the morning in several neighbourhoods, while CNT had called for a central picket at plaça Catalunya. Along the way, an Apple Store and a Zara were shut down.

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