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Texas Police Sniper Guns Down Immigrants

Pedro de la Fuente | 31.10.2012 10:49 | Anti-racism | History | Repression

Welcome to America: Texas Police Sniper Guns Down Immigrants From Helicopter ....... Remember a few months ago how a DEA helicopter was used to gun down two pregnant women and two 14-yr-old boys in Honduras because they were "suspected" of being drug dealers? Well, those same tactics are now being used in America. After being pulled over for having a suspect "covered truck bed," a vehicle which fled from Texas game wardens was shot at by Texas "Department of Public Safety" agents with a sniper rifle from a helicopter.

While the police claim they were intending to disable the car, they instead killed two passengers, and sent another to the hospital. No drugs were found, and the DPS says their shooting was "within policy." ........ M O R E:

Pedro de la Fuente


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