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How much do police fear being photographed on demos?

Ian Tomlinson | 25.10.2012 21:14 | Policing | Public sector cuts | Repression

Spain’s government is drafting a law that bans photographing and filming the police (interestingly, the ban even extends to a prohibition against recording SOUNDS of the police) -

"Spain’s government is drafting a law that bans the photographing and filming of members of the police. The Interior Ministry assures they are not cracking down on freedom of expression, but protecting the lives of law enforcement officers. The draft legislation follows waves of protests throughout the country against uncompromising austerity cuts to public healthcare and education.

The new Citizen Safety Law will prohibit “the capture, reproduction and editing of images, sounds or information of members of the security or armed forces in the line of duty,” said the director general of the police, Ignacio Cosido. He added that this new bill seeks to “find a balance between the protection of citizens’ rights and those of security forces.” The dissemination of images and videos over social networks like Facebook will also be punishable under the legislation."

For "uncompromising austerity cuts to public healthcare and education" read "wholescale theft of public resources by criminals who the police choose to protect"

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Ian Tomlinson