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The Earth Needs Rebels

ANDREW PEACHER | 24.10.2012 00:19 | Occupy Everywhere | Health | Policing | Public sector cuts | Birmingham | Sheffield



Dear Whom it may concern

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This week Saturday the 20th of October 2012 during the first hour we interview Christina Tobin live from Chicago in the USA on The Earth Needs Rebels Show Regarding her life and the "3rd party Presidential Debate" the show title is:-

America's 2 Party System and how a complicit corporate media silences dissent - how alternative voices are fighting it.

The story of why the earth needs rebels

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and a transformation of human understanding can begin with one thought and one rebel.
Every improvement in the human condition has come from someone pushing against the tide and speaking out, no matter what the consequences. That person is within all of us. Rebellion and the desire for positive change is at the heart of the human spirit.

But what is rebellion?

The meaning of the word is often misunderstood. Many of those who once came to heckle and laugh when I have spoken in public have been under the impression that they were rebels. Yet they are system servers doing exactly what they are programmed to do - undermining anyone prepared to challenge its control. Beers and jeers don’t make a rebellion.

Others see rebels as those who wage war against the State. I am sure those in Northern Ireland who daily kill and maim think they are rebels. But, again, they are merely puppets of the Luciferic consciousness and the Brotherhood working through both sides.

The rebellion of which I speak does not involve armed uprisings or violence of any kind. It is a rebellion against indoctrination and mind control; a refusal to be programmed a moment longer by the ‘values’ imposed upon us by other generations and by the super robots in politics, economics, science, religion and the Brotherhood networks.

Thinking for yourself and having the confidence and courage to live what you believe - that’s rebellion.

From this will come change in every aspect of life on Earth. Such rebellion will show itself in this transition period in a refusal to cooperate with the system and the Brotherhood elite.

Awakening people will seek ways of disconnecting themselves as much as possible from dependency upon its destructive delusions. They will have the courage to speak loudly and confidently, for they will know that the Robots’ Rebellion cannot be stopped.

It is not for me to tell people what to do. I have no desire or stomach for that. But I support the campaign of non-cooperation and peaceful resistance which is gathering across the world. I believe it will continue to grow and that some of its manifestations could be:

* A boycott of all banks which create money out of nothing and charge interest on it. I hope people will withdraw their money from these banks and even refuse to pay interest on their loans. The latter decision needs to be well coordinated so that millions do it at the same time.

* Support for community banks and ethical banking which invest in projects designed to benefit people and the planet.

* A refusal to cooperate with and in schools, universities and government departments in every country, until we have the free flow of information about what is really going on in secret and all the knowledge available.

* Constant sit-ins, peaceful occupation and mass protests at government headquarters in every country, particularly the key players like the United States, Russia, Britain, Australia, Japan, the European Community and the United Nations.

* The peaceful disruption of all occasions of state in every country until we are told the truth and the closing down, by mass sit-ins, of roads and entrances to parliamentary buildings.

* Mass peaceful resistance to projects that harm the environment. If they face such protests everywhere, the authorities will soon have to re-think and listen

* The boycotting of all court proceedings that may arise from such actions and mass sit-ins at the court buildings to disrupt them, also.

* The bombardment of phone-in programmes and audience participation programmes with questions and information about the secret government and what people can do to stop its manipulation.

* Protests and sit-ins at the headquarters of media organizations until they refuse to be Brotherhood poodles and start to report the truth to people. Boycotts of system-serving newspapers.

* The same at the headquarters and branches of the Freemasons in each country and district and the immediate resignation by all members of the Freemasons and other secret organizations who no longer wish to be used as a front for the manipulation of the world.

A refusal to vote for or support any politician who refuses to disclose whether he or she is a member of a secret society or closely connected to anyone who is. A refusal to support any politician who is a member of any Brotherhood front organization, such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission or, in London, connected to the Royal Institute of International Affairs.

The three most important words here are peaceful, determined and constant. Those who serve either knowingly or, more often, unknowingly, the forces who control us do not deserve our hatred. They need our love and we should protest with laughter and joy. They know not what they do and they are in prison as well.
I always find it sad that some who protest against the activities of far right groups, do so with aggression and hatred in their hearts - the very same emotions that motivate the far right. We need to protest with love because that is the energy we wish to spread across the world. But our love must not be blind, it must be streetwise. We must remember that in the world of the Brotherhood black is white and white is black. Remember this also: Silence is convenience. It is time to think, to take responsibility, and to speak and act against the silent, secret, tyranny. The Brotherhood acknowledge the threat to their ambitions of individuals thinking for themselves and responding with action:

“(We wish to) discourage any kind of personal initiative which might hinder our affair. There is nothing more dangerous than personal initiative; if it has genius behind it, such initiative can do more than can be done by millions of people among whom we have sown discord.” (Protocol 5).

One individual can make a difference. We are not helpless, and the manipulation is not invincible, nor the ills of the world insurmountable. It depends on your state of mind. Problems can become solutions.

If we are going to return freedom to the Earth, we have seriously to harass the system into realizing that the robots are not cooperating any more. We will not be lied to and manipulated. There are billions of us and only a relative handful who operate the secret world government. They cannot impose their will on us unless we allow them to. Are you going to be a robot or a rebel? That is your choice for there will be no in-betweens.

“True love does not always give the receiver what it would like to receive, but it will always give that which is best for it.”

Or, to add some humility to that, what we believe is best for it. I have met many people who think that protest and direct action, even of the peaceful kind I am advocating, is unloving. I would not agree with that and I feel that unless we begin a campaign of noncooperation with the system, we will allow the Brotherhood elite to do some desperately unpleasant things in the wake of our inaction.

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