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March For A Future That Works

pinkolady | 21.10.2012 06:47 | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles

The TUC may have underestimated the size of their own march yesterday. 100,000? It took an hour and twenty-three minutes to pass Green Park, and I wasn't at the head of the march when I started timing. I reckon the whole procession was more than two miles long.

It's a pity they chose to give platform space to Ed Miliband, the leader of a party that not only no longer represents the working class, but openly stated he intends to dump on them in just the same way as the Tories. Much more pertinent was the talk of a general strike. But that is going to need enough trade unionists, and others, to build the momentum towards it, and force the TUC to name a date. And it's going to require all sections of the Left to do something they're not, it has to be said, very good at - co-operate!