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STOP charter flight to Sri Lanka, Tue 23rd October

noborder | 19.10.2012 18:30 | Anti-racism | Migration | Repression

Stop charters to death!

Protest @ 10am, Tuesday 23rd October, Harmondsworth & Colnbrook detention centres near Heathrow

On Tuesday, the British government will try to deport up to 60 people to Sri Lanka, where many of them are at serious risk of arrest, torture and even death.

Despite overwhelming evidence of torture, mass deportations to Sri Lanka were resumed last year at the height of the genocide against the Tamils in the country.

Since then, three attempts to deport people to Sri Lanka have been disrupted by a combination of legal action and direct action at the detention centres. We have physically stopped the coaches from leaving while lawyers won final-hour injunctions in court. During the last charter on 19th September, a person locked himself to the coach surrounded by supporters, holding it up for hours while 35 people gained injunctions stopping their deportations throughout the afternoon.

Together we have the power to stop deportations. If we keep up the pressure we can stop the charters to Sri Lanka. Join us on Tuesday to show solidarity to the deportees and fight the deportation machine.

The UK government's corrupted deals with the genocidal Sri Lanka government are the drive of mass deportations of Tamils.
The letter and circumstances leading up to UKBA's specific request to UK Mission in Colombo are currently the subject of legal scrutiny and is rumored to be connected to this 'resignation' statement by Liam Fox.

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