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SHAC: HLS Horror week of action 29/10/12-2/11/12

SHAC | 14.10.2012 19:34 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

HLS Horror Week of Action: 29th October - 2nd November 2012
Whine of dog and cry of cat... HLS can't escape from SHAC!

Huntingdon Life Sciences is an animal's worst nightmare. Hidden away under the grey clouds and silence of rural English countryside, surrounded by barbed wire fences, imprisoned behind the bars of their cages or pinned to the operating tables, no-one can hear their screams...

Every day 500 animals are brutally murdered inside the torture lab( and it's up to us to save them.

The sick scientists at HLS are paid to poison and kill by their customers. They're able to do it because of their suppliers. Without these the lab couldn't stay in business. Give the companies responsible a fright this Halloween - take part in our HLS Horror week of action and tell them to drop HLS!

There are actions taking place every day during the week; phone calls and emails, Facebook and Twitter actions and protests outside the companies. We'll also be announcing some surprise actions, so watch this space. Visit the new subsite ( for more info on the different days and how to get involved with demonstrations.

Right now, 70,000 animals are trapped inside Huntingdon Life Sciences and the only way they'll leave the lab is in a body bag, unless you fight for them. Don't let them down...

Get angry, get active and tear down the gates of hell - smash HLS!


SHAC - Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty
Tel: 0845 458 0630

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