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Henry: Bristol's first victim of Ken Clarke's squatting criminalisation

Tony Gosling | 09.10.2012 23:01 | Occupy Everywhere | Analysis | Free Spaces | Policing

Audio production resource archive for Dialect Radio in Bristol, UK. Public service provided by the Bristol Radio Co-op.

Discussion with Henry, the first person in Bristol to be evicted under the new criminalisation of squatting laws in the UK.
Henry explains why he objects to the paying of rent as it is a form of 'extortion' and Old Labour Oxford economist Martin Summers agrees it is a kind of 'racket'. The Duke of Westminster, one of Britain's biggest landowners, does no work for his income whatever.
Discussion about nationalisation of land which may be necessary because of hoarding of land by the rich that they have no intention of using. Idea of squatters as a 'relief valve' which taxes the rich if they leave their properties empty for long periods of time.
The fact that Scandinavian governments have to house their people because of the cold climate or they will die.
One motive for the criminalisation of squatting being private profits made by privatised prison firms such as G4S and Wackenhut in this 'war on the poor'.

Tony Gosling
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