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Free John Bowden Stickers

Leeds Anarchist Black Cross | 02.10.2012 08:39 | Repression | World

Help spread the word about John Bowden with these new stickers.

As part of our preparations for the International Day of Action in support of militant prisoner John Bowden on October 19th, Leeds ABC have produced 2000 stickers. The stickers (design as above) carry the simple message ‘Free John Bowden’.
John has been in jail more than 30 years, and is quite explicitly being detained for his radical politics and for his stand against prison repression, rather than for the murder he committed, along with two other men, long-released, all those years ago. Leeds ABC believe it’s time for a strong campaign to fight for an end to John’s incarceration.

Recent articles about John’s situation here: and

If you would like some stickers, please send us a SAE and a donation to cover costs. We can receive donations in the form of postal orders, stamps, well-disguised cash, or as cheques made payable to ‘The Cable Street Society’. If you’re an ABC group, you should receive some in the post shortly.

Recent Leeds ABC leaflet here:

You can download John’s book ‘Tear Down The Walls’ as a free PDF from the Leeds ABC website here:

Please send letters/cards of support to John at:
John Bowden, 6729, HMP Shotts, Cantrell Road, Shotts, Scotland, ML7 4LE.

A guide on writing to prisoners can be found here:

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