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George Galloway to sue the NUS - Analysis

Michael Walker | 02.10.2012 07:07 | Iraq | Public sector cuts | Workers' Movements

George Galloway to sue the NUS - claims against Galloway need to be understood in their political context.

Like all left-wing campaigners who enjoy any kind of success in terms of crossing-over and successfully engaging the general public (like, as a case-in-point, the Occupy LSX campaigners), George Galloway has been the subject of a relentless smear-campaign since running rings around the mainstream parties with the anti-cuts campaign which saw him successfully elected in Bradford West in April 2012.

Attacks on George Galloway have been directed from all sections of mainstream UK politics, but, far more importantly, also from the American military, "intelligence" and political establishments, from the right-wing tabloids, from ostensibly left-wing websites like Political Scrapbook, and even from sections of the radical movement, while EDL supporters constantly post on Facebook calling for Galloway's execution. Like him or not, Galloway's actions are so disruptive to US war-mongering, that in 2005 the US Senate slung all the muck they could find at him, and he still succeeded in exposing them to the world media as hypocritical idiots.

In recent months Galloway's opponents have done a good job of using claims against him to get people on the left to a/ fight him and b/ fight among themselves, instead of c/ fighting pro-austerity propaganda, but now it's been announced Galloway intends to sue the NUS for labeling him a "rape denier". No-one knows what the outcome of this action will be, but in 2007 a Commons Committee admitted there was no evidence Galloway had gained personal benefit from, as alleged by previous smear campaigns, dealings with the same Iraqi regime to which, as Galloway famously pointed out, US defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld sold guns. Only time will tell whether Galloway succeeds in rebutting the NUS claims as well, but it would be an understatement to say those claims need to be understood in their political context.

Michael Walker


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