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AZ Knock Out: Day 4, Thursday - Twitter Targets

SHAC | 30.08.2012 08:22 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

Huntingdon Life Sciences is Europe's largest and most exposed animal testing laboratory. They kill 500 animals every day. AstraZeneca is one of HLS' top customers and pays them to torture animals in cruel and unnecessary experiments. Without customers HLS couldn't stay in business. So get angry, fight back and take down AstraZeneca!


For day 4 we're excited to try another new style of targeting, this time using Twitter. If you're not signed up to Twitter yet, now's the time to join.

Every 3 minutes another animal is tortured to death inside HLS, it'll only take 3 minutes to make a Twitter account and start taking action to save them. Don't let them down!

Throughout today we'll be revealing various targets with advice on how to contact them, all at the click of a few buttons. Action to save animals couldn't be easier.

We don't want to spoil the surprise for our targets, so their details will be posted online once they're ready to be contacted. This means you'll need to keep checking for updates. These will be put up on our Facebook and Twitter pages (see links below) and emailed out on our mailing list(

The hashtag #AZKnockOut is being used on Twitter and an event page has been set up on Facebook for you all to share your comments and updates on the action. Everytime you post a tweet, make sure to include the hashtag!

Visit our website to learn more about HLS, AstraZeneca and the SHAC campaign.


9am onwards:
Tweet AstraZeneca and let them know that whatever they do we'll be there to remind them about the animals they've left dying on the floors of their cages in HLS.
@AstraZeneca -

More will be revealed soon, follow our feed on Twitter!


Please keep all communication polite.



There are different actions happening each day during the week of action, including phone and email blockades, Facebook and Twitter actions and protests.

For more info or to take part in the other events, check out our sites:


To organise or join protests, send us an email at and we'll put you in touch with your local groups.

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