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SMASH HLS! AstraZeneca Knock Out - diary of actions revealed

SHAC | 17.08.2012 10:45 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

::Week of Action::
Mon, 27th - Fri, 31st August

Get active in an August attack and knock out Huntingdon Life Sciences’ top customer AstraZeneca. Get on the streets and pay AZ a visit, there's nothing like a loud, lively protest to remind them where their money's going! Along with that there's lots you can do without even leaving your home. Get in touch if you need any help picking targets, organising protests or getting involved with the action days detailed below.

Every 3 minutes another life is taken inside HLS. Thousands of animals are locked in their cages, alone and afraid, waiting to be handed the death penalty. The clock is ticking... Don’t let them down.

Get angry, fight back and take down AZ!

With just over a week until the AstraZeneca Knock Out week of action we're excited to announce some of the actions scheduled to take place.


Monday, Anytime: Facebook action
Tuesday, 9am-5pm: Phone blockade
Wednesday, 9am-5pm: Email blockade
Thursday, Anytime: Twitter action
Friday 9am-5pm: Phone blockade

Let us know if you'd like more info or to join protests arranged for the week of action (see website for confirmed locations) and tell us about any you're planning so we can help advertise them for you and hook you up with other local activists/groups.

AZ Global HQ 020 7304 5000 / 020 7604 8000 Freephone 0800 032 0501

Email - Chief Financial Officer - Exec VP, North USA - Exec VP, Operations - Exec VP Discovery Research - Exec VP Human Resources

Facebook & Twitter
Check out our pages on the action days, we'll reveal the targets and methods then!

There'll be much more going on during the week, keep checking the website, join our social networking sites and sign up to our email action alerts ( to get detailed info on the various actions and live updates as the week unfolds.

Knock out AZ - smash HLS!

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