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In US, Centers For Disease Control Calls Mad Cow and Mad Pig West Nile Virus

Searchlight | 16.08.2012 23:24 | Ecology | Health | Repression | Cambridge | World

The US government conspiracy of silence about Mad Cow and Mad Pig Disease in the United States continues.

16 Aug 2012

In the US, the meat and pharmaceutical industry dominated Centers For Disease Control, a federal agency based in Atlanta Georgia, is now claiming there have been several deaths from West Nile Virus and that swine flu is rampant.

The city of Dallas is now spraying lethal poisons on the population of Dallas, (as have Massachusetts and California) causing humans, mammals, birds, butterflies, bees etc. disease or death and wiping out hives rather than telling the population the truth about Mad Cow. Dallas has more deaths than the rest of the country because of its heavy consumption of animal cadaver food (meat).

The CDC does not allow independent laboratories to see the samples nor know the names of the sample donors. Like the pronouncements of the Pope when speaking ex cathedra or from the chair, the CDC pronouncements are accepted without question.
Several years ago, a Purina herd in Sutherland Springs Texas was diagnosed as having
'meningitis' rather than Mad Cow.

The Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche which has warehouses full of unwanted Tamiflu stands in the wings waiting to foist its toxic product on human sheep.

The symptoms of the alleged West Nile Virus are encephalitis and meningitis. Prion diseases such as Mad Cow, Mad Pig, Mad Sheep, Mad Chicken, Mad Fish have often been misdiagnosed as encephalitis or meningitis, leukemia or brain tumor. The USDA and CDC for decades have engaged in a conspiracy of silence about prion diseases in the US. For this reason, Japan has been reluctant to accept American meat without first running tests on it.

The discoverer of prion diseases, spongiform encephalopathy, S. Prusiner, left Harvard for Stanford because Harvard's meat invested portfolio did not allow objective research.

The meat industry dominated NIH-FDA-USDA complex calls Mad Human Disease by another name, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, to obscure its origin.

Mad Human Disease is caused by eating animals who have been fed the brain, spinal stem and other nerve tissue of other animals, and not by 'a genetic defect'.

Many websites about Mad Deer, Mad Cow, Mad Milk and many other diseases have been hacked off the internet by muzzlers of the truth while warmonger national media broadcast the press releases of professional CDC liars.



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