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SMASH HLS! AstraZeneca Knock Out week of action

SHAC | 13.08.2012 12:28 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

>> Monday, 27th - Friday, 31st August

Times are hard for the puppy killers at Huntingdon Life Sciences as job losses at both their UK sites leave about 100 abusers without jobs ( Things aren't much better for their customers either, with leaderless AstraZeneca's profits dropping by over a third ( Maybe they'd have better luck if they didn't spend their time torturing animals.

These financial problems have given us the perfect opportunity to get active in an August attack and knock out HLS' top customer AstraZeneca! The animals imprisoned inside HLS need us to fight for them - don't let AZ get away with murder at the world's most exposed animal testing lab.

AstraZeneca are a major current customer and vocal supporter of HLS' cruel methods of animal torture and scientific fraud. Over the past few years they've suffered huge layoffs and recently experienced even more financial and legal problems. So it's the perfect time to pile on the pressure and get them to ditch HLS!

In response to Animal Defenders International's expose from 2008 AstraZeneca had the audacity to state that no suffering occurs at HLS - what a bunch of liars! During the time of the expose, AZ were funding experiments on primates at Huntingdon. Not only did the breeding farm in Vietnam who supplied the poor animals not meet basic UK animal welfare standards, but the conditions of the animals when housed inside the lab were horrific; some monkeys were missing limbs, had skin problems or other infections. The monkeys also routinely escaped from their cages, resulting in some being raped and attacked. Read more here:

Targets: AstraZeneca, their subsidiaries and shareholders.
Find your nearest AZ company at:

If there aren't any AstraZeneca offices or sites near you, why not protest at another HLS top customer in your area? Remind them that they'll be a target until they stop funding barbaric experiments at HLS. For more info, see:

Get in touch if you need any help picking targets or organising protests.

See you on the streets! Knock out AZ - smash HLS!


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