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GodLikeProductions Government Internet Extortion?

Unwanted Publicity Intelligence Annex | 30.07.2012 02:32 | Other Press | Policing | Terror War | World

GodLikeProductions website, an incredibly controversial internet platform frequently visited by government intelligence agents worldwide may actually be a clandestine government collection point run amuck.

GodLikeProductions Government Spying
GodLikeProductions Government Spying

Godlikeproductions Class Action Lawsuit Afoot?
by, Victor Justice - Staff Writer ( UPI )

July 28, 2012 18:38:42 Updated

Washington, D.C. -- July 28, 2012 -- Controversial internet bulletin board service website "GodLikeProductions.Com" has apparently been banning multiple classes of individuals from just viewing it's website but offers lifting their ban if they pay up to $100 ( USD ).

Internet extortion by wire, a U.S. federal criminal offense punishable by imprisonment up to 5-years for each offense, appears on an upswing.

A former U.S. government intelligence specialist decided to test the controversial website of GodLikeProdictions to see if its Administrative host would bite on a cleverly laid trap.

Preliminary evidence appears GodLikeProductions gulped the bait quickly - hook, line and sinker.

Today, there appears to be either a U.S. Civil Rights or U.S. Class Action federal lawsuit filing being decided upon on behalf of many alleged victims as they come forward with testimony in sworn depositions.

Evidence of allegations appears clearly exemplified in an exchange of e-mails between Godlikeproductions and at least one ( 1 ) of the victim parties ( See Below ):

Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2012 16:44:21 -0700
Subject: Re: Your unban request has been denied
From: "RE"
To: Godlikeproductions Bans

Dear GodLikeProductions Representative:

Your notification e-mail ( below ) appears extortive so, before I incur costs of a professional advisory opinion, I recommend you perform whatever remedy necessary to un-ban my free Forum 1 account to a 'temporarily upgraded account' post haste, then upon resolving Godlikeproductions website access difficulties, simply revert my 'temporarily upgraded status' back to the 'free limited account status'.

Please know that all my access to the Godlikeproductions website has been exclusively via the McDonald's Corporation IP server wi-fi service.

Failure of Godlikeproductions website access for a free account holder should be lawfully remedied in-favor of all account holders. Hence, by Godlikeproductions requesting 'any money from that class of individuals to gain viewing access' appears unlawful and I would trust Godlikeproductions operate otherwise.

Should your e-mail reply ( below ) to my second ( 2nd ) request to lift your ban on my free account have meant to include some additional information somehow overlooked, please provide whatever further information that should have so, I may not seek remedial action within the next 5-days.

Thank you for the courtesy of your e-mail.



 RetiredExecutive@Gmail.Com - a Godlikeproductions Free Forum 1 Account Holder



cc: Joseph J. D'Erasmo, Esq. ( Rockville, MD ), Pillsbury Madison & Sutro ( Costa Mesa, CA )

- -

On 7/28/12, Godlikeproductions Bans wrote:

Your unban request was denied. We're sorry but the IP address you are using to access this website has been banned. If you wish to immediately bypass this ban, you can choose to become an upgraded member. Follow the instructions and links for this option on the "banned page" you receive when trying to view GodLikeProductions.Com. If you are already an upgraded member, you can log into your account from the ban page and you will be able to access the site immediately. If you choose not to become an upgraded member of GLP you will have to wait for the ban to be lifted before you will be able to view this website. Please check back later.


While both GodLikeProductions and victim party ( alleging the claim ) could not be reached for comment, it appears there may be some substance to allegations coupled with what Godlike productions even posted in its own lead message thread, however such has not yet been decided by a U.S. District Court where the federal complaint must be filed.

From the "5-days" to comply request from the victim allegatory party ( above ), they documented more patience ( 5-days ) than believed would U.S. Cyber Intelligence federal agents investigating allegations of controversy pertaining to U.S. Homeland Security Intelligence ( HSI ) matters found within GodLikeProduction forum message posts, however that is not to say this matter could still be turned over to the U.S. Department of Justice ( DOJ ) for Federal Bureau of Investigations ( FBI ) review.

There is yet another interesting twist to this case situation, which is that there is additional internet controversy alledging GodLikeProductions is 'itself' a clandestine private-sector U.S. intelligence information collection website with such an open format forum for global public comments and feedback exchanges, which - if proven true - appears might land GodLikeProductions in a United States of America new U.S. Civil Rights case the U.S. Supreme Court may later be forced to decide limits of U.S. government contractors having violated U.S. criminal laws, which begs an answer to a difficult question:

"Is GodLikeProductions a 'GodLike Government Production'?"

Whatever this case instance may be, everyone will just have to wait to see whether GodLikeProductions complies or face further review from federal law enforcement.

One thing is for sure, GodLikeProductions just got tapped on the shoulder by a little Unwanted Publicity Intelligence annexing it straight into the global mainstream news media review - if not for allegations of internet extortion then perhaps, GodLikeProductions forum message poster's information; detailing leads on violent crimes, domestic and foreign terrorism, and a cornucopia of global secrets stretching from the depths of Earth to beyond the stars.

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