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SHAC - Action Alert: Nalco feeling the pressure

SHAC | 27.07.2012 20:28 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

Following the recent leak of documents and internal emails between HLS/LSR Associates and their customers in March 2012. The campaign has been contacted by one of the newly exposed REACH customers - Nalco - after protests against them in the UK and the USA.

We are now calling on supporters to put more pressure on Nalco so they make the right decision not to deal with HLS/LSR Associates, and like hundreds of other companies before them, give the campaign a statement that they will no longer use them.

Remember, Nalco were quite happy using HLS/LSR Associates while they thought they could get away with it! Lets remind Nalco that their dealings with HLS/LSR Associates will not be tolerated. 500 innocent, sentient beings are murdered every day behind locked doors and razor wire by HLS/LSR Associates.

Please give Nalco a phone call -or- write them a polite email/letter asking that they end their relationship with HLS/LSR Associates once and for all, (see sample letter below).

Please remember to keep all communication polite and informative.


Contact details:

Nalco Corporate Headquarters
1601 West Diehl Road
Naperville, IL 60563-1198
Tel: +1-630-305-1000
Toll free (USA): +1-800-288-0879
Fax: +1-630-305-2900


LA site details:
Rick Gilmore, District Manager:
Mobile +1 714-614-5320

Nalco Ltd - UK Headquaters
Winnington Avenue
Cheshire CW8 4DX
Tel: +44-1606-74488
Fax: +44-1606-79557

Nalco Ltd
(Inside Exxon refinery, were the main contact for experiments in 2010)

Huw Patrick Jones - REACH Program Director
Nalco Group companies
Safety Health & Environment
Cadland Road
SO45 3NP
Tel: +44 (0)23 8088 3770 and +44 (0)23 8088 3883
Mob: (U.K) +44 7891-485814
E-mail: and Paloma Lopez Serrano:

Nalco Ltd
6 - 9 The Square
Stockley Park
UB11 1FW
Tel: +44 203 170 6362
Fax: +44 203 170 7001

For more contact details of Nalco around the world, go to:


A personal email/letter has more weight than a sample letter, but we realise that people are busy and their time may be limited, so we have included a sample letter for this that you might find it helpful, please feel free to edit it how you want. Thank you for your support.

Sample Letter

Dear Sir/Madam

Since it has come to my attention that your company Nalco has been a customer of Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) or LSR Associates in March 2012. There have been protests outside your offices in the UK and the USA, along with many emails and letters of protest against your dealings with HLS. We have been informed by the SHAC campaign that Nalco have contacted them recently to say that Nalco no longer deal with HLS? I urge you to make a proper statement clarifying your current dealings with HLS/LSR Associates like hundreds of other companies have done in the past.

HLS/LSR Associates were caught on film punching beagle puppies in the face, and cutting open primates without any anesthetic, amongst many other animal cruelty and other issues including sloppy working practices that have been exposed over the past two decades.

If you are in any doubt about what goes on inside the secret labs of HLS, then please read in their own words what workers have to say and see footage filmed inside the lab:

I am sure you will agree that what goes on inside HLS/LSR Associates is shameful. You should also be aware that HLS have been shown on many occasions to falsify data and with the alarming increase of adverse drug reactions and deaths from animal 'safety' tested compounds I'm sure you would not want to use a company that puts all life at risk though their very low moral standards.

I urge you to stop dealing with a lab involved in such horrific animal cruelty and not to side and profit from the despicable cruelty at HLS/LSR Associates. Please turn your back on animal cruelty, shoddy work and law breaking.

Until you do and make a statement, you will be a target for protests and a global campaign against your involvement with HLS/LSR Associates.

Yours sincerely,



All emails in this alert:,,,,,,,,


Also, please leave a message on Nalco's web contact forms:



All details in this action alert are provided for informational purposes only, and should not be used for any illegal activities as defined by the jurisdiction you live in. SHAC are not involved in, and do not encourage, any form of harassment or illegal action. Nothing in this action alert has the purpose of inciting such behaviour. Please keep all communications polite.

For general information on the campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences please visit our website, or alternatively call Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty on (UK) +44 (0)845 458 0630.

Please feel free to forward on/crosspost this action alert.


SHAC - Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty
Tel: 0845 458 0630

- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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