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I wrote to my MP regarding the harrrassment of Barbara Tucker

Paul O'Hanlon | 13.07.2012 20:02 | SOCPA | Anti-militarism | Iraq | South Coast | World

I went to see my MP Mark Lazarowicz (Labour, Edinburgh North and Leith) and asked him if he could stop the harassment of Barbara – she’s not even allowed blankets now. He’s going to write to Home Secretary Theresa May - if that will do any good. MPs are off on their summer break now. I would love to see them trying to sleep in a chair with no blankets and no umbrella for just one night never mind the 175 days Barbara has had no shelter. She has been arrested 45 times in her six and a half years in the Square – for advocating peace!

Friday 13th July 2012

Mark Lazarowicz MP (Labour, Edinburgh North and Leith)
Constituency Office
5 Croall Place,

Dear Mr Lazarowicz

I am greatly concerned with the continuing harrrassment of Mrs Barbara Tucker in London’s Parliament Square. She maintains a 24/7 peace vigil as you know and has been arrested a total of 45 times in her six and a half years on the campaign.

She has been denied a tent, a sleeping bag and now incredibly even blankets. Even homeless people are entitled to a sleeping bag.

The simple truth is that the authorities (both Labour MPs and Conservative MPs) cannot bear to be reminded of the lies that were told in the run up to the 2003 illegal attack on Iraq. They would wish the demonstration would go away but it is not going away anytime soon.

The US and its allies are pressing for regime change in Syria and may well attack Iran this summer – an extremely dangerous thing to do. That is why there is a need for campaigners like Barbara.

I urge that the Harassment of Barbara Tucker who poses no threat to anyone be ended. Could you approach the Home Secretary (Theresa May) re this matter?

As a point of interest the electricity and water supply in Iraq have not been sorted out a whole decade after the illegal attack. People are suffering in 46 degree heat (110 degrees Fahrenheit) with filthy water and the after effects of depleted uranium in Fallujah.

Yours Sincerely, Paul O’Hanlon

Paul O'Hanlon
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