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Phone and Twitter Blockade of EDO Today

Smashy | 03.07.2012 10:54 | Smash EDO | Afghanistan | Anti-militarism | Palestine | South Coast | World

Phone and twitter blockade of EDO. The one last month was a real success so we're having another one! You can participate from wherever you are. Call EDO on +44 (0) 1273810500 and tweet EDO's parent company @ITTExelis with questions and comments about their trade. There are examples of sample tweets you can copy and past from the last time at the bottom of this email or -even better- come up with some new ones. Please hashtag your tweets #SmashEDO

Sample tweeets for the twitter blockade on Tuesday. Thanks to everyone who tweeted these last time (and sorry of we've nicked your tweets for the samples!). Please hashtag your tweets #SmashEDO

@ITTexelis Those FRCS cables have also been used by US and Dutch F16s to kill civilians in Afghanistan. How do you justify?

@ITTexelis the Gazan and Afghan civilians on the recieving end of your weapons would appreciate you changing business

@ITTexelis How can you justify civilian death toll from CIA drone attacks in Pakistan?

@ITTexelis develop drone bomb release units software and hardware for US drones used in extrajudicial assassinations

@ITTexelis What do your shareholders think of company's complicity in illegal US dronestrikes?

@ITTexelis The FRCS cables your company supplies for Lockheed Martin F-35s will be used by Israel to commit war crimes

@ITTexelis I think you will find When your death takes its toll All the money you madeWill never buy back your soul.

Gaza burns @ITTexelis earns - How do you live with yourselves? What do shareholders think of ITT's complicity in assassination?

@ITTexelis Brighton factory makes components for the Paveway missile system for Afghan war. What's the war done for Afghan people?

@ITTExelis Your company supplies FRCScables for the A-10 plane bombrack which carries clusterbombs

Does @ITTExelis condone the use of cluster munitions by the US military?

@ITTexelis You are complicit in the deaths of thousands of innocent people - where is your conscience?

"We've been awarded $238 million" says @ITTExelis Awarded, like they are being honoured for good deeds not paid to help kill people.

@ITTExelis Selling devices intended to kill innocent people just to line your pockets is the lowest of the low.