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Smash EDO: Summer of Resistance Action Callout

Smasher | 24.06.2012 20:39 | Smash EDO | Afghanistan | Anti-militarism | Palestine | South Coast | World

Smash EDO are half way through a Summer of Resistance against EDO/ITT
Exelis. The aim of the summer is to intensify the pressure on the weapons
factory, with as many actions as possible taking place between the 1st of
May and the 1st of August. The more groups that take part the more effective it will be, so we need your help!


So far, there have been things happening at or around the factory almost
everyday since the start of the summer campaign. Examples include surprise
demos, reading of the names of the dead, a mass demo in town, phone and
twitter blockades, pickets and occupations of Barclays, critical mass bike
rides and reported night time sabotage at the factory.

This is a renewed call for groups to come and take action against EDO.
With less than half of the summer to go, let's see some actions!

If you or your affinity group want help with an action or need any advice,
get in touch with the campaign via email: or phone:
07538093930. The camping is here to provided legal and practical support
for anyone wanting to take action. There is a pamphlet with information
about the summer of resistance available for download here:

Examples of previous actions:

Blockades - The most effective way to interfere with EDO's business. Over
the years there have been numerous blockades of the EDO factory, carried
out in a variety of ways. Some tactics have included: blocking the road
going up to the factory through human chains or harris fencing lock-ons,
people locking on or super-glueing to the parameter fence, people scaling
the fence and locking themselves to the entrance doors and people locking
themselves to fencing and concrete barrels in-front of the gates.

Pixie Actions - Through the years there have been many incidents reported
on the internet of ‘pixie’ actions, or anonymous actions taking place
at night. These have included paint bombing of the factory, the smashing
of windows and CCTV cameras, the sabotage of the factory air conditioning
systems and more.

Rooftop Occupations - Several rooftop occupations have taken place at
the EDO factory. Activists have scaled the building and unfurled banners
from the rooftops, highlighting EDO’s complicity in war crimes. Rooftop
occupations also took place at the EDO location in Fishersgate. That factory
is no longer a part of EDO/ITT.

Car Park Invasions - Car park invasions have involved anonymous protestors
running past the gates to knock on windows, make noise and flyer

Lock-Ons of Delivery Vehicles - There have been lock-ons on delivery
vehicles heading up to EDO. This can be an effective way of essentially
blockading the factory whilst putting pressure on delivery companies working
with ITT.

Readings of the Names of the Dead - The names of the people murdered
with the help of EDO components during attack on Gaza, Afghanistan
and Iraq have been read out through a megaphone outside the factory on
many occasions. Testimonies from victims of war have also been read out.

Critical Mass Rides - Critical mass bike rides up to the factory both raise
awareness of the factory through town and work as a different kind of noise
demo once you’re there!

Weapons Inspection - People dressed in protective white suits and demanded
a weapon inspection of the EDO premises.

Decommissioning - During Israel’s operation Cast Lead in Gaza, the
‘decommissioners’ broke in to the EDO/ITT factory and smashed it up to the
best of their abilities. Their aim was to stop the production line which was
aiding these massacres. In 2010 they were all acquitted by a Brighton jury
after a three week trail, where they had heard all the evidence against EDO.

Die-Ins - Die-ins, where people lay down on the ground, often in blood
stained clothing to imitate the victims of war, can work well as a temporary

Surprise Noise Demos - Noise demos outside the factory take place
every Wednesday between four and six, but sometimes it can be fun to turn
up at unexpected times.

Street Theatre - If you are artistic you might want to take a bit of street
theatre to the gates of EDO. In the past there have been performances of the
history of ITT as well as improvisation pieces with dozens of demonstrators
starring as previous EDO security guru Mark Lynch (with varying degrees
of success...)

Themed Noise Demos - Noise demos are often better if they are themed
and noisy. A theme to a demo can also make it easier to highlight a
particular issue, such as war and migration, drones, or Palestine. An
original theme can be a good way of involving people who might not
otherwise have thought of coming. Some of the more memorable noise demos
have been on a theme, such as the yearly Halloween demos or a demo
featuring rather grim karaoke.


Target Barclays (and/or Other ITT Investors) - Barclays are the market
maker on the stock exchange for EDO’s parent company ITT Exelis. They
are also the bank with the most investments in the arms trade generally.
During the last few years there has been a campaign called Target Barclays
which aims to stop Barclays from providing this service for ITT Exelis.
There have been demos and actions across the country during this time.
We would like to intensify actions against Barclays for the Summer Of
Resistance. As Barclays are also the bank with the most significant
investments in Israel, other Palestine solidarity groups are beginning to
act on this. Actions against Barclays can take place anywhere across the
country, before and during the summer. If you carry out a demo or an
action where you are, do let us know! The Smash EDO May Day demo in 2009
focused on investors in ITT.

Phone Blockades - Why not call EDO/ITT or tweet @ITTExelis with any
questions you might have about their business? Their phone number is
01273 810500.

Delivery Companies - There have been sporadic actions against delivery
companies which provide services to EDO. One of the main delivery companies
we believe to be working with EDO is DHL.

Security companies -The Security company currently protecting EDO are
Kingdom Security. There have been several actions against EDO's previous
security companies in the past. Kingdom is based in London, Newcastle and Manchester. For locations see:

- e-mail: twitter: @smash_edo
- Homepage: