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Activists blockade Faslane Naval Base

FaslanePeacecamp | 19.06.2012 10:35 | Anti-Nuclear | Anti-militarism

Today at 7 o’ clock in the morning activists of the Faslane Peacecamp blockaded the Trident Naval Base. Three people locked on in front of the South Gate. From the original five people at the North Gate two were arrested immediately while the rest were able to blockade one lane of the road. The blockade lasted about 90 minutes.

A spokesperson said on behalf of the Peace Camp: ” We are having this blockade today because we want to show our opposition against nuclear weapons. We express our fear and our anger in a nonviolent way. We ask the British government to listen to the opinion of the majority of Scottish people and MSP’s. The People do not want Trident! They do not want this base with it’s nuclear weapons in Scotland. Due to the fact that in the next few years Scottish independence may be achieved now is the time to put pressure upon the British government. Instead of starting to put money into a Trident replacement we want them to shut down the Faslane Naval Base and stop their nuclear weapons program.”

An international activist added: “This blockade was a very international one. People from all parts of Britain and activists from Spain and Sweden were involved. I think that it is my right and my duty as a global citizen to do nonviolent direct actions against nuclear weapons as long as our governments do not fulfill their duty and stop fighting wars. Nuclear weapons are illegal by international humanitarian law and I want all countries to respect this and make a step to a more peaceful world.”

This blockade is part of the 30 days of action from the 9th June to the 9th July. To find out more about what has happened and will happen in the future visit our blog.

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