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John Bowden - Yesterday's Day of Action

Leeds Anarchist Black Cross | 12.06.2012 09:19 | Repression | World

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Day of Action in support of John Bowden yesterday It has undoubtedly had an impact on those who are used to being able to get away with anything completely challenged. The situation with the lying social worker Brendan Barnett is still unresolved however, and the Parole Board seem apathetic at best. John is still in a high security prison 32 years after he went to jail, he needs our continuing support. Please do whatever you can.

Brendan ‘Pinocchio’ Barnett, Grindlay Court Social Work Centre, Criminal Justice Services, 2-4 Grindlay Court, Edinburgh, EH3 9AR. (Telephone: 0131 469 3408 Fax 0131 229 8628

Michelle Miller, Chief Social Worker, Grindlay Court Social Work Centre, Criminal Justice Services, 2-4 Grindlay Court, Edinburgh, EH3 9AR. (Telephone: 0131 469 3408 Fax 0131 229 8628 NB Michelle Miller also works out of Waverly Court, see details for Peter Gabbitas below.

Peter Gabbitas, Director, Health and Social Care Department, Waverly Court, Level 1/8, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8DG. (Telephone 0131 553 8201 Fax 0131 529 6218

Social Work Advice and Complaints Service, Waverley Court, Level 1/7, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh, EH8 8BG. (Telephone 0131 529 6217 Email

Letters and cards of support to John at: John Bowden, 6729, HMP Shotts, Cantrell Road, Shotts, Scotland, ML7 4LE.

You can also send e-mails to John (or any other prisoner) via:

You can download John Bowden’s pamphlet ‘Tear Down The Walls!’ free of charge from the PDF section of the Leeds ABC website at

Other articles by John can be read on the Leeds ABC website ( ), as well on the websites of our sister ABC groups in Bristol ( ), Brighton ( ), and London ( ).

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12.06.2012 11:20

tactics of writing letters and banner drops, they`re really going to be scared into changing their ways, do you really think these pieces of shit who have the full backing of the law will give a shit. No. Use like with like, these are violent sadistic bullies. Find out where they live, where their children go to school, target them, anhilate them.
I`m getting pissed off with the so called radical left being as ineffective as the so called organised left. If we really want to change things, things will have to get messy.
That`s the only language these scumbags know!!
It wasn`t anarchists or radicals or lefties that had anthing to do with last summers insurrections. It was our "criminal underclass".
The youth who have no future and couldn`t give a fuck, life for them/us is cheap. Nothing matters. Nihilisim.
In Nottingham they attacked and firbombed a cop factory, leaving them squealing like the pigs they are. In Aston in Birmingham an organised gang got the filth to turn up, then opened fire on them with guns and fired at their survailence helicopters.Making them flee in terror!!
Walking up and down with placards asking politely for what is ours gets us nowhere.
Support insurrections elsewhere but when it happens on our streets, the broad left shits itself and condems the actions as a violent minority, grassing them up to the "authorities", while supporting "our boys" murdering people in their own lands in the name of democracy.
Self congratulatory celebrity politics will get us nowhere. Non violent direct action only gets us truncheoned, CS gassed, beaten up.
We are unbder attack 24/7.
We need to take the fight to the enemy 24/7.
Attack them at work/home/play. Attack their families, friends.Demoralise them and place them under a state of permanent attack!
If you`re not for us, you are against us!!
Violent direct action Nihilists!!


That's very nice

12.06.2012 12:41

Wake the fuck up yourself. Atttacking "friends" and "families" is fascist crapola. And what the fuck does JB have to do with the riots? nowt.

Freddy N. is deid


12.06.2012 13:13

Assuming (and I don't) that you're not a cop, or a patronising voyeur talking tough and telling those who agree with you what they already know, I'd suggest you improve your security before taking on the state. If you have mnre intelligence than your post suggests, and can ACT with it (instead of just gobbing off on indymedia) good luck. I'm sure you can count on ABC support when you get your 30-rec. But, by the way, did you actuallx do ANYTHING yesterday? Or did you just come on here to de-rail this thread with some 'scary' posing language?



12.06.2012 13:55

More than likely this is just the latest troll post by the police informers of Jack Upton/John Blair gang. They think it's funny to laugh at prisoners and put other people's liberty at risk.


Anyone using the word "Nihilist" is just trying to impress people

14.06.2012 23:20

Unfortunately, they have about half a dozen trick ponies up their sleeze and then thats it.
Not substance once the bullshit runs out

call me bro