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Israeli group Boycott From Within endorse Smash EDO

Smasher | 06.06.2012 23:05 | Smash EDO | Anti-militarism | Palestine | South Coast | World

Boycott from Within have endorsed Smash EDO and the summer of resistance.

Letter of support from Boycott from Within

Stop Israeli crimes: SmashEDO.

Dear SmashEDO,

We are a group of Israeli citizens, Palestinians and Jews, who are in support of the call for a boycott of Israel. We would like to commend you on the work you do to stop the machinery of murder.

The weapons manufactured by EDO/ITT in Brighton and sold to the Israeli army destroy the lives of countless Palestinians and protect no one. In fact, those who profit from the perpetual war are the enemies of Israelis as well as Palestinians.

In contrast to weapons, what would provide security to all of us in the Middle East is an end to the sale of advanced weapons to Israel. We are grateful for the work you do to bring that about.

Your opposition to the manufacture of weapons at the EDO/ITT factory is an inspiring example of dedication and resourcefulness. EDO/ITT richly deserves the opposition to it and your resistance is a credit to you and your community. Indeed we hope that the inspiration you provide will draw others in your community to your movement until the point where you will finally smash EDO.

Kobi Snitz
for Boycott!

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