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Get Fitwatching - Smash EDO June 4th

Fitwatch | 01.06.2012 21:37 | Smash EDO | Repression

As the summer arrives police forces around the country are stepping up their data gathering potential like never before .

The FIT teams will be out in force in Brighton this weekend, and the databases will be growing, especially following the green light given to the Domestic Extremism Unit by the High Court ruling this week. The police have a 'need', apparently, to stop the 'violent and criminal' Smash EDO mob, by gathering data and 'analysing the relationships within protest groups'.

So out come the FIT teams, recording who is doing what, talking to who, and going where. But only if we let them. And why the hell should we let them? After all, the only protection we get is the protection we give ourselves.

On June 4th, don't tolerate the FIT. Take placards, banners, umbrellas and protect yourself and others and others from cop cameras. Block the shot and shut them down. They are not welcome on our demos.

Btw, if you fancy knowing who's who, we have put together a new FW spotter card especially for the occasion. On this is a good selection of the cops that have been collecting 'intel' on Smash EDO over the last few years. See how many you can spot! And if you have your camera handy, new pics of the FIT are always welcome.

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