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Birmingham child stealing by the state conference

Andrew Peacher | 31.05.2012 14:31 | Occupy Everywhere | Health | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Birmingham | Liverpool

John Hemmings mp guest speaker at the birmingham midland institute margaret street birmingham b3 We discuss social workers stealing our children corrupt courts this is a name and shame event recorded by television and radio networks worldwide.

we would love you to attend please email me social workers school teachers health workers police needed.

Sat June 9th 10am 01754874338

Radio Television Newspaper Interview Requsted By Real people

Parents for Justice Conference

Child stealing by the state Conference

Guest Speakers Mr John Hemmings MP Birminham Yardley

Lucy Alan This morning itv Parent expert witness Debate

Allison Stevens Website Pain Parents against Injustice Network

Various Parents Speakers who have had their children stolen by social services

We have many people from many areas ask if we have your person from your area location

Birmingham And Midland Institute Margaret Street Birminham B33BS

This is not a conference to discuss the "issues" and "concerns" with children, and to set out a way to "help reform the system", as some MPs suggest.

This is a conference to expose and bring to trial those helping the State to steal and abuse children. We will name names, departments, authorities, organisations, judges, MPs, police, psychiatrists and more. With the help of those attending, we will expose the real evidence for:

Have you experienced any of the following:

Children taken under false pretences?
Bullying by Children's Services, Cafcass, Local Authority?
False verbal and documentary evidence in Court?
Collusion behind your back by your Legal Team with the Local Authority legal team?
MPs ignoring you and your plight? Child(ren) being abused in the 'care' of Children's Services?
Mental breakdown because of the attack on your family?
Do you hold information and evidence concerning:

State trafficking of children?
Falsifying of Family Court Documents?
Children disappearing into the care system?
Police deliberately blocking investigations into child abuse rings?
Misinformation by the BBC and mainstream media?
False help and support groups, charities and people?
Have you attended meetings in Westminster that 'pat you on the head' and achieve nothing? - then you need to attend and be an active participant in Blowing the Whistle - Child Stealing by the State.

We need you and your evidence. We need you in numbers, because the State hides the evidence by isolating victims or controlling the support organisations to whom you turn. By making out that only a few isolated families are affected the State can control national media to hide the truth.

Andrew Peacher

Press Officer

01754 874 338

0782 7731060


Lincs July/September Date to be confirmed

Andrew Peacher
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