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Street Party outside Nick Clegg's house in Putney (IMC'ista) | 26.05.2012 14:55 | London

Some of the groups that met this morning, the Welfarebloc and the NHSbloc, found themselves on a magical mystery tour on a train bound for Richmond. After alighting at Putney and wandering some back streets and snickets, they finally arrived at Nick Clegg's street SW London, bringing the mesage home and forcing the government to listen to the anti-austerity message. Around 500 people now arrived around 1pm, with the street being secured by disabled activists bolting their wheelchairs together, setting up a traditional party with a twist.

Musicians and protestors are having water fights and enjoying the sun while the mass of police look on. The police are saying Nick is not at home today, probably to stop them storming his home or asking for some ice.

Live film from the trip so far: Waterloo | Parkfields | 2 | 3 | Parliament Squ | (IMC'ista)
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