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Comments critical of Globalisation strategies deleted

Censorship at Liverpool Echo Online | 20.05.2012 12:56 | Repression | Liverpool

Comments on the recent article on DHL 'investment' in a distribution centre for Jaguar Land Rover have been deleted without any justification.

The article, creating-300-wirral-jobs-100252-30946569/
describes how a new distribution centre will create jobs on the Wirral.
The commentator merely suggested that the real issue was lack of long term investment in parts production in the UK and made reference to such a policy in the German car industry.
This has been considered 'off message' for the Liverpool Echo 'journalist' bosses and been deleted.

Liverpool Echo- 1st in the North West for evasion and censorship!

Why can't they be honest and take their 'comments' facility down-'journo' scum.

Censorship at Liverpool Echo Online