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Authoritiarian capitalism bears its teeth - Blockupy Frankfurt as it happened

Critical Legal Thinking | 20.05.2012 06:40 | Occupy Everywhere | Policing | Repression | Social Struggles

Critical Legal Thinkings operatives have been in Frankfurt to blog the astonishing police crackdown that has been going on. Read our liveblog of the events, and see our photos and links at our website.

The crackdown included:
- a complete ban on all protest in frankfurt for days
- 160 cars and 40 buses stopped on motorways and kettled for being suspected demonstrators
- people arrested in towns near Frankfurt and carted off to prison as suspected demonstrators
- people arrested in Frankfurt for not having the right "papers"
- 400 demonstrators arrested for assembling during the protest ban
- peaceful and unrelated Occupy camp cleared by police
- Italian and French activists turned back at the borders
- 5,000 police officers swamped Frankfurt
- a successful illegal pro-democracy demonstration in Frankfurt's centre, for 2 hours, before it was brutally broken up with the police using pain holds and gouging eyes
- a memorial service to gay victims of the Nazis was banned
- even groups of tourists were banned (as technical assemblies)

Nevertheless after a court battle, one protest was permitted, in which 25,000 people peacefully marched through Frankfurt as locals applauded from windows and threw sweets into the crowd.

Local newspapers declared "victory for Blockupy". The blocupation tactic had been a success - the police blocupied Frankfurt with minimal effort from activists, who were able to make the authorities look utterly stupid, and winning popular support for anticapitalist stuggle in the process.

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