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RIP Shell

Occupy OIl | 17.05.2012 12:52 | Rossport Solidarity | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis

The road to SHELL is paved with bad intentions....... BLOODY MONEY, Tar Sands, Rossport, Niger Delta

RIP Shell
RIP Shell

RIP Shell
RIP Shell

On the 22nd of May #OccupyOil will be holding a funeral procession for Dutch Shell Oil. In a turnaround we are calling for the end of Shell’s destructive behavior throughout the world, from the west coast of Ireland to the Niger Delta.

Many people have lost their lives resisting the behavior of this unethical company.
It time we said ‘Rest in Peace Shell’

Shell makes nearly £1.6m profits every hour, Help us say farewell to this 1% Company
St Paul’s Cathedral
Arrival 815am

The Shell Corpse will Leave at 845am.
Strict Dress code: BLACK

Bring Noise, Banners, black Umbrellas and more importantly yourselves

Rossport, Co Mayo, Ireland
The Oil giant continues to destroy the community of Rossport, Co Mayo Ireland. Read more about the Shell to Sea campaign here.

Occupy OIl
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