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Census Refuser Latest - three court appearances this week

NoCONcensus | 16.05.2012 06:43 | 2011 Census Resistance | Anti-Nuclear | Anti-militarism | Repression | Birmingham

Judith Sambrook is back in court Thursday 17 May: Shrewsbury Magistrates, 10am. Solidarity vigil outside the court from 9.30am.

Deborah Glass Woodin appeared in Reading Magistrates court at the beginning of the week, was found guilty and fined. Barbara Dowling appeared at Glasgow Sheriff's court and her trial has now been adjourned until 25 September.


For previous reports on some of these cases, see the indymedia census refuser topic:


John Marjoram:

Case dropped by CPS on grounds of insufficient evidence likely to secure conviction.
Press release from John issued on 14 May 2012:

John Voysey:

(Wrexham, then Bristol, who sent case back to Wrexham)
Case dropped by CPS one day before John was due to appear in Wrexham
Magistrates court on Friday 11 May.

Deborah Glass Woodin:

Trial was held on Monday 14 May, Reading Magistrates Court.
"Deborah was found guilty albeit by an apparently sympathetic judge. Fined £150, plus £150 costs, plus £15 'victim surcharge' (what victim??!). She is now considering whether or not to pay."

Barbara Dowling:

Now adjourned to 25 September, Glasgow Sheriff Court (trial diet)

Judith Sambrook:

(Wrexham, then Shrewsbury)
Case dropped by CPS but revived by Judith.
Court date: Thursday 17 May, 10am, Shrewsbury Magistrates Court.
Crown is likely to present no evidence against Judith.

Derek Shields:

Court date: Friday 8 June, Liverpool Crown Court (Appeal hearing)

Andy Manifold:

Court date: Thought to be Thursday 14 June, Liverpool Magistrates Court
(Mention Hearing)

*There is some query over the above two dates - awaiting update*

Sarah Ledsom;

Court date: Thursday 14 June, Liverpool Magistrates Court (Mention hearing)

Mandy Woods:

(Bury St Edmunds)
New court date: Tuesday 26 June, Bury St Edmunds Magistrates Court, 9.30am
for 10am hearing (full hearing)

Stephen Grieve:

4 May hearing adjourned at last minute.
New court date: not yet known, estimated 6 weeks time.

Jane Howarth:

(Plymouth, then Barnstaple, now Exeter)
Court dates: Tuesday and Wednesday 21 and 22 August, Exeter Magistrates
Court before District Judge (full hearing)

Roger Grenville:

Roger is refusing to pay the fine imposed by the courts and is expecting Bailiffs.

(Areas in brackets indicate court locations. In most instances, people live far from these locations)

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