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Anti Opencast Coal Meeting Derbyshire

Mr. Angry | 13.05.2012 13:31 | Climate Chaos | Energy Crisis | Sheffield

Anti opencast meeting

There is a meeting planned regarding Provectus Remediation Limited who have plans to opencast coal in Clay Cross Derbyshire

Opposition website is

Meeting is at Holmgate Community Centre S459QG at 7pm Friday 18th May they need your help!!!!

Mr. Angry


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Shame about the timing

14.05.2012 09:11

At the same time in Sheffield there is the Climate Caravan:

SHEFFIELD - Friday 18 May and Saturday 19 May

Friday 18 May, 1- 6 pm; Climate Caravan, Tudor Square (by Crucible Theatre) with stalls and info.
6.30-8.30pm; Public Meeting: “One Million Climate Jobs”, Quaker Meeting House, St James Street S1 2EW, speakers include: John Stewart , CaCC Trade Union Group

Sat 19 May, 9.30am-12 Workshop: “An Economy for the 99%”

Further Details: Joan Miller 0114 2498613

Perhaps someone from the could come to this meeting in Sheffield to alert people to this proposed project?


it is sometimes the case

15.05.2012 11:48

that if you build a bender on the proposed site and tell people, others will come along and help. getting a presence on sight is key to launching a good defence of the land from these corporate wankers.

my advice is get a presence together on the land Mr Angry and then they will come

or, take the adivce of the above post and contact the climate caravan folks or go to the cities and tell the activists groups there...word will soon spread around.

if a camp is set up, i will certainly attend. im sure dozens of others would too.

former treetop fighter