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Rocky Tiger (Attack Helicopter) Ploughshares front Court in Australia

Ploughshares | 12.05.2012 07:36 | Terror War

YOUTUBE (4 mins) Rocky Tiger (Attack Helicopter) Ploughshares action carried out during Operation Talisman Sabre 2011 U.S./Australian joint military exercises
Rockhampton, central Queensland, Australia. Law accessed the heavily guarded attack helicopter parked on the runway by employing a large tricycle!

Bryan Law and Graeme Dunstan face serious charges in relation to the 2011 ploughshares action in Australia on a Tiger attack helicopter
that was participating in "Operation Talisman Sabre" joint U.S./ Austraian military exercises taking place near Rockhampton, central Queensland.

Tiger helicopters have been used by French forces in the war on Afghanistan.
Australian Tiger helicopters are based at Robertson Barracks, near Darwin.
Australian forces continue to wage war in Afghanistan. Operation Talisman Sabre exercises are geared around interventionary warfare scenarios.

Rocky Tiger Ploughshares Website:

Activist in court over chopper attack
Nathan Paull
May 10, 2012

A man charged with wilful damage for attacking an army helicopter with a garden mattock while riding a tricycle has appeared in a central Queensland court.

Peace activist Bryan Law, 57, was arrested after the unusual incident during the Talisman Sabre war games at Shoalwater Bay in central Queensland on July 21 last year.

In a statement released before his appearance in Rockhampton Magistrates Court today, Law said the stunt, which put a hole in the helicopter's door, cost the Department of Defence $180,000 in repairs.

His accomplice, Graeme Dunstan, 69, allegedly helped Law by opening the gate to the airfield.

Dunstan says he and Law do not regret their actions.

"It (the helicopter) is a death machine which will otherwise be deployed to Afghanistan and used to kill some of the poorest people on earth who have dared to resist an invasion of the armies of some of the richest peoples on earth," Dunstan said in the statement.

The outspoken pair also organised a protest outside the courthouse before their matters were heard.

Law's matter was adjourned until May 24.

Dunstan's wilful damage charge has been committed to be heard in the Rockhampton District Court at a date to be set.

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