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Hydrock - Bulldozing Our Future

bristol stop hinkley C | 04.05.2012 18:55

Friday 4th May

Environmental protesters armed with loud hailers,te clearly that a campaign of energy conservation would keep the lights on.

3) A report from independent scientists from Green Audit, prove that the land has not been thoroughly tested to best practice when dealing with the complex pattern of pollution that radioactive tailings demand[3].

This is the very same week the MoD admitted to The Guardian that the UK, may have up to a thousand contaminated radioactive sites, most notorious of these is Dalgety Bay in Fife, Gordon Brown's local beauty spot, now a radioactively contaminated no go area[4].

Meanwhile in Japan, Fukushima's Unit 4 spent nuclear fuel pool which is on the verge of collapse has had prominent nuclear experts, NGOs and government officials appealing to the country's prime minister, Yoshihiko Noda, and the UN General-Secretary, Ban-Ki Moon, for an nuclear summit and an international team to help tackle the situation at the stricken plant TEPCO are talking in terms of decades to stabilise reactor 4 and in order to prevent further catastrophic nuclear events, they are asking the UN to coordinate international assistance[5].

"This noise demo symbolises our need to be heard, Hydrock is profiting by aiding and abetting EDF in destroying irreplaceable countryside, with no clear democratic mandate, risking the health of workers and locals, for an energy source that will hold generations to the ransom of nuclear waste, for which we have no solution." - Shana Deal, Bristol Stop Hinkley C and South West Against Nuclear (SWAN)

bristol stop hinkley C
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