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#12M World day of protest for real democracy

yonosoy | 04.05.2012 15:14 | Occupy Everywhere

The May 12 is the next upcoming global protest day of "indignant" or "occupiers" all over the world.

The May 12 is the next upcoming global protest day of "indignant" or "occupiers" all over the world.
Just like on last October 15, millions of people who want "real democracies" will demonstrate, discuss and gather in hundreds of cities worldwide.
The date of #12M was chosen at a virtual meeting attended by democracy activists around the world.
May 12 is a Saturday and is one year after the beginning of the global movement of the Indignant, allowing thousands of people to protest and act for justice and freedom, for "real democracy".
Protests are already planned in over 40 countries, in Spain, where the movement is the most established, and in Greece, Israel, England, Brazil, Japan, Australia or Kazakhstan. In Spain a showdown between the 15M movement (the indignants), credited by the support of the population, and government. Indeed the government refuses Indignados establish camps from May 12, as that was the case last summer. In Barcelona the Indignados therefore provide a temporary camp for three days, in Plaza Cataluña, between the M12 and the M15.
A map has been established to check various gatherings, already close to 200, while many are not yet reported.
There are dozens of videos featuring the event (some already seen over 100,000 times). These are often subtitled and translated into several languages.
There are also a multitude of posters and images promoting the events, from different local collectives of Indignant.
The information is circulating on the internet and social networks, in which the movement is well established, with several Facebook pages that exceed 100,000 fans.
Anonymous rallies to the #12M mobilization and helps the organization and dissemination.
In France rallies are organized in a dozen cities, including Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Reims, Perpignan, Toulouse (information in the description of the national event) ...
The democracy activists hope to gather hundreds or even thousands. With the end of the electoral campaign and the austerity that lies ahead, it is possible that the movement became a major force in the country. Here's the facebook national event :