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St.andrews Mayday Extravaganza!

Getting Restless | 23.04.2012 12:49 | Education | Repression | Social Struggles | World

St.andrews, long known as a bastion of conservatism, privilege and wealth, will be hosting a gathering in church square on Mayday of all those facing dire threats to their wellbeing, inflicted by the government, bosses and corporate fat-cats! Towards a combative anti-cuts movement!

Our bosses’ profits have soared. Their wages have increased, and their tax-breaks have swollen even as the government meant to keep them in check fill their troughs with more of our resources, energy and money. The banks gamble with the economy and get bailed out when they mess it up too badly. The crisis is theirs, but we will always pay the price.

They cut our wages. They take from the most vulnerable, as benefits are slashed or turned into forced work programs. The unemployed, the homeless, the disabled, women, children are all the targets of savage austerity. The NHS is told to be made profitable, while millions are laid off work— losing any chance at private health-care. We’re told to tighten our belts, and when we grumble our council flats are raided and our children thrown in jail. And when our children try to go to school, they find underpaid teachers, underfunded schools and privatised universities too expensive for any but the rich to attend.

This May 1st we’ll not be silent. We’ll not be still. If they’ll make this out crisis, we will bring that crisis to their doorstep.

So on May 1st 2012, we call everyone who wants to make a change, everyone who’s lost hope in change, everyone who needs change to feed their children, everyone who’s been denied change for too long; we call on trade-unionists, unemployed workers, students, parents and the disabled who all those facing ongoing attacks on their livleyhood, to stand together at Church Square in St Andrews at 12.30.

From there we will plan on how best to bring it to the fat-cats and bosses! We are restless!

Getting Restless