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National march & rally against vivisection in Birmingham, Sat 28 April

Birmingham Animal Action | 21.04.2012 15:15 | SHAC | Animal Liberation | Health | Birmingham

World Day for Animals in Laboratories, in Birmingham on Saturday 28th April.

World Day for Animals in Laboratories, National March & Rally in Birmingham City Centre on Saturday 28th April. Meet from 12 noon in Victoria Square. Join up to 1,000 people from across the UK who oppose the extremely cruel, unscientific and dangerously misleading use of animals for 'testing' everything from drugs & medicines to shampoo, washing-up liquid & toxic chemicals.

We're not opposed to good science that benefits all of us - there are many methods of testing that contribute to scientific progress without the use of animals!

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20.07.2012 22:33

The nat demo should have been in london