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ProtectTheWilderness street party Bristol 17th April Appeal of the Peasants

Apok | 14.04.2012 20:36 | Ecology | Education | Social Struggles

April 17th 11 AM @ Bristol County Court, Redcliff Street, Bristol, BS1 6GR

This international Peasants struggle day, please join us, show your support for ProtectTheWilderness and for people trying to living in harmony with the land the world over-

Bring music makers and other loud things, peasant attire (we'll bring the dung) snacks, seedlings to plant (bring the wilderness to the concrete of the Court!

We're organising skillshares, bushcraft workshops, guerilla gardening, they'll be talks on land rights and laws.

Get in contact if you want to help, or if you have an idea.

See you on the Streets, my fellow peasants!

Protect the wilderness (Peasants) vs Gloucester County Council (Evill councillors (as referred to in the Bill of Rights 1688))

Appeal of the peasants.

Equity and The Peasants