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EDO gets new Paveway IV contract – We need to step up our resistance

Smashy | 05.04.2012 08:34 | Smash EDO | Afghanistan | Anti-militarism | Palestine | South Coast | World

The MoD has awarded Raytheon a new £60 million contract to replenish supplies of Paveway IV guided bombs to the British Army. EDO MBM (a unit of US arms dealers ITT Exelis) will manufacture the umbilical interconnect system and containers in Brighton. Paveway IV bombs have been used in Afghanistan and Libya and an earlier model of the Paveway was used in Iraq.

The MoD claims that this will sustain hundreds of jobs at the factories concerned (see

Chloe Marsh of Smash EDO said “this new MoD contract shows that the government is spending public money to prepare for more war at the same time as selling off essential services like the NHS, the benefits of these new contracts will be felt by multinational arms manufacturers such as ITT and Raytheon, not the British public.”

Andrew Beckett said “the rearmament that this contract represents is part of the process of preparing to fight new wars for resources such as the threatened attack on Iran. It is imperative that we step up our resistance to the companies profiting from militarism.”

Ian Pritchard of Campaign Against Arms Trade said “It is spurious to use UK jobs as an excuse for spending millions on manufacturing bombs. Any government spending will generate jobs, but spending on arms production is propping up a stagnant sector that soaks up scarce resources and engineering skills. Instead the government should be investing in the renewable energy sector which is vibrant and rapidly expanding but needs government investment for the UK to gain market share. This would benefit human security by helping tackle the real threat of climate change, instead of boosting an industry whose products mean death and destruction.”

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non agression please

05.04.2012 20:44

One thing is for sure, the government should stop "investing" in murder weapons. But to say that they should "invest" in something else instead, is a denial of a fundamental flaw in logical thinking. Everything the GOVERNMENT dose, wether it be good or bad, it dose through a monopoly on the initiation of force. No one can, legally, force anyone to do anything against their will except the government, and it can use the police, the courts, the prisons and the military to get it's way. Any money that the government "invests", is money that it must take from someone, either now or in the future to pay off debts. So whenever we demand the government "invest", we demand the initiation of force against some one, somewhere at some time. Until we can recognise that initiation of force, is always violence, WE well continue to be the driving force for war.


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Why bother ?

08.04.2012 11:52

The Smash EDO campaign has only SHAC to rival it in terms of failure

Sick of pretend campaigns

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