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Announcing Open Rights Group Sheffield

Richard | 29.03.2012 14:37 | Social Struggles | Technology | Sheffield

Announcing a new digital-rights discussion group in Sheffield

The Open Rights Group exists to preserve and promote your rights in the digital age. We're now holding monthly meet-ups in Sheffield for anyone interested in digital rights. Topics include copyright, privacy, freedom of expression, open data, censorship, digital inclusion, electronic democracy and internet law. The format is a short presentation to introduce a particular issue followed by group discussion.

More information and meeting announcements can be had at

- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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Why not?

29.03.2012 15:05

Why not make people aware of vital issues regarding peoples Rights and Liberties??
Are they charging a fee??- NO
Are they selling us a product??-NO

Just sharing info to combat the totalitarian State we live in!

Citizen not subject

thanks for the information

29.03.2012 15:48

As more and more of our interactions become mediated through digital communications we need to make sure that we are protected from unwarranted state and corporate surveillance. Thanks for posting about this here.

Please ignore the trolls!

bone idol

Funded by members != commercial

29.03.2012 17:11

Freeman: ORG is funded by its supporters and receives grants for specific projects. It makes no profit. It has no shareholders. It doesn't sell anything. It is not commercial. You can read more on their website:

In addition, the meet-ups I'm organising don't cost anything to attend and are open to everyone, regardless of whether they're members of ORG.

How is my post different to Liberty communicating about their events here?

I'm surprised the Indymedia community isn't more welcoming to people who are fighting for our right to express ourselves freely online.

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- Homepage:

Honey trap ?

30.03.2012 15:37

Their 'Advisory Councillors" ie the people running the group include

The European lawyer for Google
A senior executive for Yahoo
A journalist for the Daily Telegraph
An e-commerce lawyer
The owner of a "IT market research and media company "
Julian Huppert, Liberal Democrat MP
Eric Joyce, Labour MP for Falkirk
The Chief Technical Officer of XchangePoint, a pan-European commercial provider of Internet services

Doesn't sound like a group interested in 'Open' technology does it ?

Not impressed

Come and find out for yourselves

02.04.2012 08:11

@Not Impressed: It's a public meeting. Why don't you come along? If you're questioning our motivations and integrity you'll get better answers in person. I promise we don't byte. You can register through the site I posted (pseudonyms are acceptable and will be respected - we just need to know numbers for the venue.)

mail e-mail:
- Homepage:

Good try - no cigar

02.04.2012 15:50

What so you can harvest my IP details and then get to turn up in person so somebody can film me and record my voice ?

I think you will find the average Indymedia reader is a lot smarter than that.

Not impressed

use TOR if your worried about your IP address

03.04.2012 20:33

I realise you are either trolling or have mental health issues, but use TOR if you are worried about your IP address. Or just use a public internet connection.


Still failing I see

04.04.2012 09:37

"realise you are either trolling or have mental health issue"

I see so now we caught you out you turn to insults and unsubstantiated claims concerning mental health.

The reality is very clear for those of us here a little smarter than you. Your little group of big IT organisations, lawyers and politicians has been caught out so why not bugger off and leave us alone. You're nobody in the fight for open systems.

Not impressed