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Nothing is secret inside HLS - Major leak goes public

SHAC | 19.03.2012 23:06 | SHAC | Animal Liberation

Once again SHAC reveals HLS’ dirty secrets… They can’t run and they can’t hide!

Documents leaked include:

Customer Documents: Including 5 (marked) confidential documents

Supplier Documents: Including suppliers that have had problems getting unpaid invoices paid.

Misc. Documents: Including 5 personal court documents relating to an employee who had a car accident that HLS were meant to keep totally confidential

We were also leaked several personal documents and emails e.g. expenses forms, hotels booked, travel insurance bought as well as several price lists for various experiments

Emails between HLS & Suppliers/Potential Suppliers: Including related attachments & documents

Emails between HLS & Customers: Including email threads

We were also leaked some emails between PDP & their customers including attachments/documents to go with the emails from 2011 and 2012


Follow the link to see the full info and download their ‘confidential’ (they wish!) documents:

Apparently puppy killers can’t trust anyone, not even their own staff!

- e-mail:
- Homepage:


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