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Traveller Solidarity Network brings its Info Night to Cambridge

Traveller Solidarity Network | 17.03.2012 13:38 | Dale Farm | Anti-racism | Social Struggles | Cambridge

On Sunday 25th of March members of the Traveller Solidarity Network are coming to Cambridge to hold an info night on the issues effecting Gypsy, Roma, and Traveller (GRT) communities. The tour hopes to bring together grass roots activists, human rights groups, and those from travelling communities with the aim of building the GRT civil rights movement.

The Traveller Solidarity Network (TSN) are currently on a month long speakers tour of the country aiming to inform people of our work, encourage people to take up Traveller Solidarity work, and building for inportant upcoming events such as Roma Nation Day (8th April).

The tour is part of our growing work fighting alongside GRT communities in their struggles for sites, greater rights, and against systemic racism and societical oppression. The TSN is a network of settled and Travelling people which formed out of the Dale Farm resistance. We are currently working with sites in Birmingham, Cambridge, and Plymouth to aid Roma, Irish Travellers and New Travellers. all of whom are currently experiencing problems to do with planning permission and land rights.

We invite members of Cambridge's Travelling and Settled community to come to the info night, which is being held at the St Pauls Centre on Hills Road at 7pm to see our presentation which includes an introduction to the network, a screening of our short film, and a space for discussion where we hope people will share their experiences; with the aim of continuing and expanding the important solidarity work that has been going on in the area.

Traveller Solidarity Network