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Alcohol And War, Alcohol And Disease, Alcohol And Traffic Deaths

Grape Juice | 15.03.2012 23:12 | Anti-militarism | Health | History | South Coast | World

Alcohol is correlated to war, to millions of deaths from disease, traffic accidents, fights,
as well as domestic battering, divorce, fires etc.


1 domestic violence and barroom fighting.. in some cases fatal shootings as drinking hunters or bar room drinkers release violently the emotions uncorked by booze.
2 break up of marriage through breakdown of fidelity
3 millions of traffic fatalities and broken neck paraplegics, faces
turned into roadmaps through windshield collisions, decapitations, loss of limbs etc
4 fires as alcoholics go to sleep with lighted cigarettes
5 broken bottles left in the woods by drinking hunters
6 Alcohol poisoning of the optic nerve can cause blindness
and sudden death, especially in teens... cirrhosis of the liver, delirum tremens, death from choking on vomit, kidney shutdown, the loss of brain cells from each drink etc.
Red wine can cause acid reflux and ulcers
7 broken bottles left in the woods by drinking hunters
8 how is it related to animal murder?
Animal flesh and alcohol are married.. the excess yang of cadaverous
meat asking for the excess yin of alcohol to break it down
.. alcohol is like MSG (meat tenderizer .. also breaking down the muscle
cells of the human brain)
9 how is alcohol related to war?
In the US the major alcohol distributors are big contributors
to the warmonger political parties and are allowed to advertise
to teen markets on radio at 11 am on weekdays. Coors funds the
warmongering Heritage Foundation as well as sponsoring brutal rodeos
Anheuser Busch has promoted warmonger candidates and rodeo as well.
10 There are many faiths which advise against alcohol which causes lesions
in the aura through which disembodied entities can inhabit the soul
11 job loss
12. Alcohol, drug use and prostitution follow military bases.
13. more teen pregnancy of unmarried mothers
14. the deaths of the homeless from freezing because alcohol
depresses the central nervous system
15. suicides from depression linked alcohol
16 Dick Cheney's blood thinner
potentiates alcohol use, said
a guest of Terry Gross on Oct 24, 06.
17 International incidents:
Poles fire on German cruise ship
in a dispute over alcohol and cigarette
18 Libertarians and many others believe that people have
a right to brew their own alcohol, moonshine etc. Fights
between ATF and other government officials and freedom lovers have caused
present day murders and past ones (The Whiskey Rebellion).
19 Babies born to alcoholic mothers or even moderate
drinkers can have brain damage.
20 Alcohol related lethal accidents include falling down stairs,
getting hit by cars while walking across the streets.
21 Northern countries with cold and less light have more
alcoholism than countries closer to the equator.
22 Some religions prohibit alcohol consumption but 'thou shalt not' can have the opposite effect.
23. Alcohol marketers are among those fighting the legalization
of marijuana.
24. Humans are not the only victims of alcohol-released violence. Animals are kicked,

It is often the most sensitive members of the society who drink too much..these people absorb in sympathy so much of the pain of others that
they try to tune it out.

The most reforesting, healthful and nonviolent drink is fruit
juice (unfermented) or pure water.

God in all give us all the grace to break the chains of our
addictions to alcohol, meat (trioxypurine in meat is addictive),
drugs, sex, anger, etc.

Prevent the shotgun weddings of alcohol and war, alcohol and death, alcohol and disease, alcohol and violence

The biggest breweries in the United States are heavy contributors to the current regime, and through their cash influence have gotten several radio networks to promote alcohol consumption ads as early as 11 am on weekdays. Coors and Anheuser Busch are 2 major alcohol marketers. In addition the alcohol industry, says MADD, Mothers Against Drunk Driving, is marketing to youth. Many soldiers returning from war attempt to tune out the hideous violence witnessed through alcohol and drugs. Alcoholism related depression generates billions in multinational pharmaceutical medications. Fraternities, restaurants, and corporate media promote alcohol consumption for reasons such as peer pressure and money. Sometimes, even the sight of someone drinking on tv or a description of this in a book is enough to kick the viewer or reader off of years of abstinence. The Salvation Army over 100 years ago treated alcoholism through vegetarian diet, since the excess yang of meat was offset by the excess yin of booze. However, the Army has gotten away from its vegetarian roots. Many Adventists treat alcoholism with vegetarian diet. There are virtually no vegetarian alcoholics because .. the biochemistry of non animal eaters is less acidic.. Coors funded the Heritage Foundation which has countless times promoted war on National Public Radio and other war profiteer controlled media. Through its connection to organized sports, Coors has arranged that every time a Denver stadium is mentioned, it gets a free ad. In addition, Coors pays for placement in books marketed by Rupert Murdoch's HarperCollins and others. Coors was a factor in Diebold's theft of the Colorado senate race.


1. Alcoholics represent at one point or another 13.5% of the population 2. Alcohol is involved in 1/2 of all car accidents and 60% of all boat accidents. 3. Shaking and insomnia are other symptoms of alcoholism 4. In the second stage of alcoholism drinking in secret occurs. 5. In the third stage, alcohol is used as a response to stress situations. oe Alcohol marketers are among those fighting the legalization of marijuana. Both pot and alcohol, in putting lesions in the aura, can open the gates to other entities.

Quotes on Exorcising The Demon In The Bottle

Anita Shreve:
"They consumed each a half bottle of alcohol. He
was unconscious... he was saved from kidney shutdown
and from choking on his vomit.

Joe E Lewis:
"A man is never drunk if he can lay on the floor without holding on."

"O God, that men should put an enemy in their mouths to steal away their brains! That we should with joy, pleasance, revel, and applause transform ourselves into beasts!"
"It provokes the desire but it takes away the performance. Therefore much drink may be said to be an equivocator with lechery: it makes him and it mars him; it sets him on and it takes him off."

Edward Rowland Sill:

"At the punch-bowl's brink, let the thirsty think, what they say in Japan: first the man takes a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes the man!"

Sir William Temple:

"The first glass is for myself, the second for my friends, the third for good humor, and the forth for my enemies."

Erma BombecK:
"Never accept a drink from a Urologist."

AA Lead:
I awoke, irate that people were entering my bedroom, which turned out to be the elevator.

Bertrand Russell:
"Drunkenness is temporary suicide."

Grape Juice
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