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Two of the Notts Uncut Prosecutions Discontinued (Notts Uncut) | 14.03.2012 20:55

Two of the Notts Uncut Prosecutions Discontinued

The two members of Notts Uncut who were arrested on 17th December for not complying with a condition of section 14 of the public order act have both received a notice of discontinuance from the CPS today. Apparently "a prosecution is not needed in the public interest".

We haven't heard anything about the case of the third member, who was arrested on the same day for police obstruction (for having the audacity to ask when one of the original arrestees would be released) but we are optimistic that his case will also be dropped.

This development reinforces what we have always believed - that these arrests were nothing more than a transparent attempt to intimidate us and other protest and direct action groups into silence.

Notts Uncut will continue to take action against corporate tax avoidance, cuts to jobs and public services and government attacks on vulnerable people. We are holding a meeting on Sunday 18th March at 12.30 at the Sumac Centre to discuss strategies and focuses for future actions. Everyone is welcome.

We will fight and we will win. (Notts Uncut)