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Billions wasted as MoD police fraud squad turn a blind eye to procurement crime

Friday Drivetime | 09.03.2012 23:08 | Afghanistan | Analysis | Policing | World

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01:00 - Is economic growth bad for the environment? Energy bills, fuel poverty, fuel prices and profits of the big six energy companies. EDF energy today fined £5.5m by Ofgen. 400 different tarriffs offered by privatised gas and electricity firms in UK. Industry suffering chronic problem of short-termism. David Powell from Friends Of The Earth.

29:00 - Systematic fraud at the MoD as the government plans to privatise procurement. Cost plus contract fraud report by former Radar, Sonar, Communications Command and Control and Tactical Data Systems software engineer Robert McCartney. MoD police fraud squad work for MoD so will not prosecute even when there is clear evidence of fraud saying that what MoD chiefs and other ‘important people’ say ‘must be true’. Former BAe Chief Executive Admiral Sir Raymond Lygo told BBC Radio 5 in January 2004 that BAe routinely used changes to contract specification which doubled or tripled costs to taxpayers without any competition. Some of those to blame for endangering our armed forces and national security. James Arbuthnot, Michael Portillo, Greg Simpson and current LibDem Minister for Defence Procurement Nick Harvey all alleged as complicity in fraud. Is present chair of the Public Accounts Committee Margaret Hodge succeeding in cutting this fraud down? Mainstream newspapers afraid to publish known facts about MoD procurement fraud.

UK government arms contract fraud and corruption
My name is Robert McCartney. I worked in the defence industry between 1979 and 2000, when I resigned. I then reported a whole series of frauds to the MoD Police. Most of these were from 1995-2000. In 2003 I met with Lawrence Cockroft and another member of TI to explain how:

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slight correction

12.03.2012 14:20

If I gave the impression I was accusing Greg Simpson of complicity in MOD fraud, I apologise. I believe he was sincere in promising Lib Dem support for efforts to end fraud on MOD equipment contracts; he just wasn't able to deliver. As for Nick Harvey, I see him as very much like Yes Minister's Jim Hacker: Ignorant, naive and manipulated by his civil servants.

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