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Hinkley Barnstormers need you!!

Toby Fedcot | 24.02.2012 17:28 | Occupy Everywhere | Anti-Nuclear | Ecology | Energy Crisis | South Coast | World

Apparently, the Occupy Hinkley Barnstormers could be evicted as soon as next Tuesday, after which EDF Energy and its contractors could begin their massive land trash in earnest at any time!!

Image credit: D. Viesnik
Image credit: D. Viesnik

In case you haven't seen it yet, check out this fab vid about the occupation:

Photos of the beautiful greenfield site, an important conservation area:

If you want to go along and support what these brave and hardy folk are doing to try and stop this act of wanton eco-vandalism, you can find details and directions on the SWAN website:

And here are the site phone numbers:

or : 07805666239

Toby Fedcot


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