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Great British Circus drag tigers back on the road (NottmAR) | 24.02.2012 16:55

The Great British Circus are now calling themselves 'Big Top Productions', with a different website and are the only circus to still use tigers in their shows. They are likely to be in Nottingham soon.

The 'great' british circus opens today in Louth, Lincolnshire with demonstrations at 4.30pm and 7.00pm.

Protests continue on Saturday and Sunday - check times and see [MapLink] on the Animal Rights Calendar at

We urge the public to choose cruelty-free circuses rather than this circus based on animal captivity. Cameras hidden inside the elephant tent of the Great British Circus in 2009 showed animals being hit with a metal hook, a broom and a pitchfork. A groom is seen deliberately twisting an animal's tail and the elephants are shown crying out in distress and retreating in fear from their handlers. See

Martin Lacey, the owner and ringmaster of the Great British Circus, assaulted a BBC Radio Nottingham reporter, during an interview at the circus which was in Newark at the time. The unprovoked verbal and physical onslaught began after the reporter referred to a camel being tethered. It's amazing - see

After Louth they may be in Grimsby; then possibly Newark, Skegness, Leicester, Nottingham, Sutton Coldfield, then down to London, projected from last years tour dates at . When they arrive in Nottingham details will be posted at where pictures from previous demos may be found.

It is interesting to note that for the first time they are not giving advance notice of venues, so it is even more important that if you spot circus posters that you contact and Tweet @AnimalRightsUK

Naturally we are all concerned about the dangerous flyposting of the Great British Circus, however if you see any, do not be tempted to take them down, instead, let us know of their exact location, so that planning enforcement action may be taken, forcing them to be removed at the circus's expense.

For more information please contact: or call Emily at CAPS on 0845 330 3911 / 0161 869 0020
or the AR Calendar./ Veggies/NottmAR on 07870 861837

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