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Covered in Oil at Waitrose in Protest over Shell (Climate Rush) | 23.02.2012 20:55 | London

A member of eco-activist group Climate Rush has had oil poured over her today at London's largest branch of Waitrose to protest against a new partnership between Waitrose and Shell that has seen two Waitrose stores open on Shell forecourts as well as joint marketing campaigns. Campaigner Anne Schulthess wore an intricate shell-themed white dress as the oil-like concoction was poured over her in front of a crowd of shoppers at lunchtime today.

Shell and Waitrose announced the partnership last Autumn, which so far has seen two Little Waitrose convenience branches open on existing Shell forecourts. John Bullock, Executive Vice President of Shell Global Retail Business describes the partnership as “the beginning of a strong relationship”. Shell and Waitrose have also embarked on joint marketing campaigns.

Anne Schulthess, a spokeswoman for Climate Rush said, “It’s unacceptable for a company branded on its ethical framework to profit from a partnership with Shell – the most carbon intensive oil company in the world. I shop at Waitrose because I want my lifestyle to reflect my commitment to tackling climate change, but this partnership makes meaningless the reasons I choose to shop here and it must end.”

Shell has come under criticism from environmental and human rights groups for human rights abuses and repeated oil spills in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. A 2009 report by Friends of the Earth found Shell to be the world's most carbon intensive oil company.

Last week activists handed out Valentine's day cookies to customers, asking them to tweet the hashtag #dumpshell to the Waitrose twitter account. Climate Rush's campaign continues with another action planned in the Brunswick Centre store on Tuesday 6th March. At 6.30pm customers will occupy the oil aisle and demand an end to the partnership with Shell. (Climate Rush)
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