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When The Shop Keepers Join The Revolt!

Lloyd Hart | 15.02.2012 02:01 | Public sector cuts | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Cambridge

When the shop keepers join the revolt things must be very bad indeed.

When The Shop Keepers Join The Revolt!

By Lloyd Hart

When the shop keepers join the revolt things must be very bad indeed. According to a Wall St. Journal report Greek Retailers are joining the protests as the Greek economy contracts 7% in the last quarter. The National Confederation of Greek Trade sees a direct connection between the 7% contraction in the Greek economy and the austerity being imposed on the Greek economy by the bail out schemes coming from the European Union and can't stay on the side lines any longer.

One of the greatest shop keeper revolts in European history was the French Revolution brought about by Louis backing the slave owner revolt in America. By backing the slave owner revolt in America the French picked a fight with the British that ended up crushing the French economy as the British with far superior naval and privateer presence on the high seas blockaded, attacked and destroyed the French merchant and naval fleet, cutting off the French economy from the flow of goods from French colonies and trading posts abroad. It took a couple of decades for things to get bad enough for the shop keepers in France to get involved but once they did, it was the most important part of the puzzle winning the revolt.

The French Revolution recreated the Shop Keeper economy, the Civil Code and more importantly the rural family farm economy that still embodies the revolutionary spirit in the Young French Farmers today. The Young French Farmers put their incredible bounty on display on the Champs Elysées, or Elysian Fields, in 2010 in an attempt to drive home to Parisians where their food comes from.

French farmers bring rural reality to Champs Elysées

The Austerity Scam, coming from American and European conservative and liberal elite's has now provoked the Greek Shop Keepers to join the fight against this foreign imposed social engineering debacle but instead of taking a couple of decades of a slow slide into economic depression that occurred with the French Revolution, the Greek Revolution is being formed a break neck speed. By demanding the lowering the standards of living in Greece in exchange for bailout capital these elite's are participating in a deliberate criminal conspiracy to monopolize labor and environmental policy across the board. By constantly yelling the words "Debt Crisis!" these elite's (who created the budget deficits through their political stooges in the first place) are attempting to deflect public attention away from their true intentions which is to take away the best standard of living in the world from the working people of Europe. Because of this criminally deliberate enterprise the elite's are involved in, the speed by which the Greek standard of living is collapsing is also the speed by which the Greek Revolution is being organized.

The Debt Crisis is, of course, a lie perpetuated by these elite investors through fraudulent practices in the bond market and in criminal collusion with the debt rating agencies in an attempt to destroy the European standard of living and to begin to equalize wages with the slave labor states benefiting from neo-liberal free trade deals imposed despite lack of public support.

Europe however, is a far more diverse economy than these elite's realize and when shop keepers see that their fortunes are more tied to working people's income rather than elite power, the natural response is going to be to join the popular uprising against this deliberate act of top down social engineering whose only goal and single purpose is the cementing of total and utter financial fascism over social and environmental policy.

What these poorly educated elite's refuse to recognize is, like in France in the 1700s, you can't take away a literate middle class shop keeper economy, once well established without a violent response from those you are pushing out of business and into poverty. This is what happened in the French Revolution and it seems the Greek Shop Keepers have had enough with the Austerity Scam and are joining their voices with their customers fighting in the streets to halt the ruling elite's consolidation of wealth and power over the civil society in Greece.
Shop keepers are the last people to run into the streets in revolt against tyranny but when they do they bring all their years of small business experience and resources with them.
Viva The Greek Revolution!

Greek Retailers To Step Up Protests Over Cutbacks

Lloyd Hart
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15.02.2012 12:20

yes, and then they sold the poor down the ca change


Yes But No!

15.02.2012 15:56

Pot you are correct that the French Revolution had many back and forth very painful battles and is still playing out today but that is the nature of revolution. Revolutionary thinking and passion must not burn out but continue the struggle to create a comfortable balance between the individual and the health and welfare of the tribe. I am not disturbed by the back tracking we may see from time to time as I struggle to advance the revolution and can see the results.

Lloyd Hart
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