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Directions to the new camp at Hinkley Point power station

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Directions to the new camp at Hinkley Point power station

Directions to new Hinkley camp
Directions to new Hinkley camp

Friends of mine went to visit the newly squatted site next to Hinkley Point power station in Somerset this weekend. Langborough Farm (ST 201 456) is in the middle of the area on which EDF energy propose to build a new nuclear power station. They said that although work to clear the site is likely to begin in the coming weeks, it is crossed by public footpaths and bridal ways that are still open. They said that although they saw lots of G4S security, getting access to the site was easy. The security were very interested in them and took lots of photos but didn't stop them so long as they stuck to the footpaths.

They parked in the lay-by on the main approach road to the power station (Point 1 on the map) and then walked along the public footpath which starts at a stile immediately to the left of the main gates to the power station (Point 2). The footpath follows the southern perimeter fence of Hinkley B power station and then follows a hedge line west to Langborough Farm. They said it took about 15 - 20 minutes to get there. Access is very muddy and there are a couple of gates and stiles.

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13.02.2012 17:10

In the early hours of Sunday morning a group of
us moved into and occupied the premises of Langborough
Farm near Hinkley Point nuclear power
station. The old farmhouse premises, on a site that EDF has earmarked for it's proposed new nuclear reactor, is now a legal squat. To help them settle into their new home without any hassle the occupiers would welcome friendly visitors today and in the days ahead.

To find your way by Public Footpath to Langborough Farm, see
attached map, or go to half-way through the youtube film
“West Country Walks” at

Remember that access to the farm is by Public Right Of Way,
and if anyone tries to obstruct you they will be committing
an offence under section 137 of the Highways Act 1980, punishable by a fine of up to £1000.There are many paths across the site, but your best bet may be Wick Drove Lane, where there is a lay-by for parking. Walk down to the Power Station entrance then turn left up the public footpath.

One of the occupiers said “We really want you to come and visit and spread the word. We are fighting against a corrupt planning
decision, made at the highest levels, which
favours the nuclear corporations over the democratic
process, and we will feel much safer here if we have visible

(It's cold out there so please take warm food, water, any
spare tents, blankets or bedding you may have and anything
useful you can think of when you go!)

If you've got time come and stay!

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